Extended abstracts

Extended abstracts have to be written in English. Contributors are invited to send an extended abstract in PDF format (max 1000 words or 2 pages A4), including:

  • first names and last names of author and co-authors
  • affiliation
  • email of the corresponding author
  • main text with introduction about the scientific context and the objectives of your work, then successive parts showing the methods, the results, the discussion and the conclusion.
  • type of the paper: abstract aiming at an oral presentation, or description of an interactive system you want to present during a demo session

Additional pages may be added for references.

Please download the template

Full papers

If extended abstracts are accepted by the scientific committee for full oral presentation, authors will be invited to submit a full paper (max 8 pages A4) detailing their work. Otherwise, if an extended abstract is accepted by the scientific committee for poster or interactive system presentation then the extended abstract will be directly included in the proceedings of the FMA workshop.

Oral presentations

The language of the FMA workshop is English. Oral presentation will be grouped in thematic sessions, animated by a chairman. Orators will have 15-20min to give their oral presentation, and then 5-10min for questions from the participants.

PC computer will be available with PowerPoint, but you are encouraged to come with a pdf version of your presentation.

Posters and demos

There will be an area for posters and demonstrations of interactive systems. To visit this area, participants will have coffee-breaks and special sessions at the end of the day. Authors will have 1min to pitch their work at the beginning of the oral sessions.

How to submit

To submit an abstract, you first need to sign up here:

Once this is done, you will be able to submit an abstract by following this link:

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